Arial view of the 1k yard range.

About our ranges

Silver Creek Range Map

There's a lot going on at the range.
This will help you navigate the awesome selection of ranges available.

Range #1

1,000-yard rifle range

This is a covered range consisting of multiple steel targets ranging from 200 to 1,000 yards complete with shooting benches and PRS style “barricades” designed for long-range shooting. The 1,000-yard range can accommodate up to 12 shooters or more if shooting from a prone position or from the various barricades. This range is also completely accessible with any type of vehicle all the way to the 1,000 yard target.

Arial view of the 1k yard range.

Range #2

Covered pistol range

15 yard covered pistol range that can accommodate up to 9 shooters at one time. This range is ideal for handgun training. This range consists or various steel and paper targets. (See Rules & Regs for details concerning what you can and cannot shoot on this range.)

Silver Creek Range #2

Range #3

Covered Pistol & Rifle Range

100’ wide X 30-yard range that can accommodate numerous shooters and is ideal for all types of shooting applications including shooting competitions.

Silver Creek Range #3

Range #4

25 Yard Berm: Paper Targets Only.
50 Yard Berm: Steel And Paper Targets To Include A Texas Star @ 60 Yards.
75 Yard Berm: Steel And Paper Targets.

Silver Creek Range #4

Range #5

Tactical Pistol & Rifle Range

A large, multi-purpose range with multiple “barricades” that easily allows the shooter to transition from a long gun to a handgun all on the same range consisting of close proximity targets all the way out to 200 yards. This range is ideal for shooting ARs.

Silver Creek Range #5

Range #6

180° Pistol & Rifle Range

Three, large, 180°, tactical, moving and shooting ranges.

Silver Creek Range #6

Range #7

Multi-purpose Range

A large, 50-yard multi gun/purpose range. You can also throw clays if you have a thrower.

Silver Creek Range #7

Range #8

Rifle & Sighting-in Range

25, 50, 100 & 200-yard range ideal for sighting in rifles. This range area currently includes 2 shoot houses. Additional expansions are also underway.

Silver Creek Range #8

Range #9

Paper, Pistol & Rifle Range

50 yard, covered, paper only pistol & rifle range.

Silver Creek Range #9